Activity growth...

Till yesterday nearly nobody was visiting this site (except from me ;)). But I announced cvsbookmarks patch on and things have changed. I've also got somebody helping me with the project. Sjoerd Langkemper ported cvsbookmarks patch to cvs-1.11 and also build up rpms with new patch. As a result you can find a few more goodies on download page :) Since we have RPM's it is time for me to make DEB packages...

New patch released

Finally... what we have inside? code cleanup, fixed 'cvs release' problem, and small feature which permits .cvsbookmarks file to have white spaces (e.g. 'key = value' and so on.). Download, patch, and have fun ;))

Next development step is to build custom packages. First I'll have debian packages (potato, woody), then SuSE. Stay tuned for news...

New patch coomin'!

Current patch has (yep... that's true folks) bug. When calling:

cvs -d bookmark_name release directory outputs "using bookmark" message twice. It has also a nasty design. I'm aware of the issues mentioned here, and planning to release new version of the patch (which will be 0.2). I'm not quite sure what next... how about that:

cvs -d :method:username@site:/some/dir addbookmark
cvs -d bookmark_name delbookmark

Seriously I'm thinking about getting this little baby into main CVS development trunk ;))

CVS bookmarks homepage

Finally I have managed to build up a simple page for this very small project... It didn't take long, but I couldn't do that in aproximatelly 2, or 3 weeks. Guess developers hate writting HTML pages ;))

Anyway please use menu on the left to get the idea what this small patch is all about.