CVS bookmarks manual

To use this feature you have to manually set up a '.cvsbookmarks' file in your home directory (there's no system-wide bookmarks file! yet...) using your favourite text editor. The body of file schould consist of 'key=value' pairs. White spaces (e.g. 'key = value') are permitted. Lines that are beginning with '#', or that do not have '=' are silently ignored.

Example .cvsbookmarks follows:

    # cvs bookmarks for user foo

    # local company CVS

    # anonymous access to XFree86 repository

    # read-write access to project_delta (non existing ;)

    # end.

After setting up .cvsboomarks file you just supply key as argument to '-d' cvs option. For example to fetch module 'foo' from 'local' company CVS (as specified in example .cvsbookmarks file above) you would type:

    bash-2.03$ cvs -d local login
    using bookmark 'local' (
    (Logging in to
    CVS password:

    bash-2.03$ cvs -d local co foo
    using bookmark 'local' (
    cvs server: Updating foo
    U foo/README
    U foo/foo.c
    U foo/bar.c

Please note that normal CVS methods (local, pserver, etc.) work as expected, so bookmarks are only enchancement for lazy people like me :)